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by Athelio

alright i really don't do critiques much but here goes! first il name all the things i like about this piece.. i really like the paws, ...

Radiant Eclipse by A7XSparx

akay, here goes. the colors of this picture are magnificent i must say. i really like the texture shadig and coloring on spyro's horns....

Noreen- At The Beach by Dragon-Wolf997

so im likin this picture. the dragon is drawn and colored very nicly. the backround might need some work tho. the sky kinda looks like ...



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this is my first donation thinggy XD please dont feel obligated to donate :) il still love you if you dont!

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Going to Cozumel, Mexico for a week! (Scuba Diving trip)  I will check back in and hopefully tell ya'll about my trip when I get back!

See ya! *crosses fingers for safe travel*
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    That's right ya'll! I got to meet the ever wonderful and very talented :iconcynderheart:! It was a joy to meet her as we have a lot of common interests and stuff. We got to hang out all day pretty much at the hotel we were staying at down there (it was like a ridiculously ritzy hotel as this is the most expensive trip of the year for us haha) And got to hang by the pool chatting, stalking each other's sketchbooks, and then ran out to the beach to play in the (very cold) waves and harass some sea life. Lol. I'm an asshole. :XD: (we really just poke sea anemones and found some crabs nothing actually that bad) Followed by running back up to the hotel and hanging out inside this cafe listening to EDM along with other types of music and doodlingThis girl has rly fab taste in music. We both sent each other home with pages ripped out of our sketchbooks as a little parting gift type thing- it was wonderful, she was such a joy to meet and talk to, really easy going and down to earth. :thumbsup: People like that are the bee's knees. I hope you had as much of a wonderful time as I did!

Also- check out the gift she made me ON TOP of the sketches she sent me home with Which I will probably add to this later Character Doodles by Cynderheart What a sweet person omfg ;w;

And now to recap Comic-Con very briefly!

    COMIC CON WAS INSANE THIS YEAR. like so many people that it was actually kind of intimidating, even for me. ._. BUT it was awesome never the less! I somehow managed to get all four days to go, which is actually pretty lucky the way they are doing ticket sales now. (It's randomized and is sucks, but I guess I didn't hear about any system crashes this year, which is what they were trying to prevent, and it seems they did.) I didn't get into any panels this year and the one I wanted to go to on Sunday we ended up missing because we missed our ferry. :"T Also I meant to creep on the SPN cast during their signing but I accidentally slept too much and ended up missing that too. :"D What is wrong with me. Lol. COMICON IS TIRING OK. :XD: But I got like this awesome copic sketch set that includes an inking pen as well as a bunch of different shades of grays for shading sketches! I haven't gotten to play with it just yet but I feel like it was a good buy. :3 I also bought a book called "The Art of Hibbary because when I looked through it her dragons (as well as other things) were so unf. I can learn a lot from this book! EXITE. See it here-… It's lovely. /strokes book
    AHEM. anyways, back to comic-con. 
    My favorite day out of the four I was there (I wasn't there much on Thursday though) was actually Saturday! We walked around the inside convention center a bit, and then decided to go out to the gas lamp district in front of the convention center to grab some food and explore the front streets. (There is always cool stuff set up outside of the convention center as well as inside! I recommend exploring both is you ever go!) AND I AM SO GLAD WE DID There was a ton of cosplayers and a bunch of people putting on various shows and stuff. Lots of freebies too! uvu Oh and I saw Orlando Bloom?? It was really random, he was just up on this balcony and whenever he turned around or did anything the crowd underneath it would just go nuts. They were insane. Haha. But it was cool! I saw a girl putting on a fab show dressed up as Misty from Pokemon and hullahooping. Not like normal hoolahooping though, like insane awesome hoolahooping. She did it on her head using her foot. ._. It was impressive. There was also a walking dead area, as well as a assassins creed obstacle course and a vikings area. 
    Unfortunately I really don't have all that much time to talk about everything, hopefully I will be able to make some picture collages like I did last year because photos are way better than words anyways. 

    Thanks for all your patience with how slow I have been on here lately guys!! :heart:
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Screenshot Meme! by aacrell
Screenshot Meme!
Found the origin story! Its freaking great you have to read how this started omfg…

From this one!…

This looked like a lot of fun, and it just looks so cool the way you can see so many characters all down the row. 

It's kinda symbolic if you think about it like it makes it look like DA is a portal to a ton of really awesome people which is really awesome and endearing!

Tried to keep the shading style more simplistic because I usually end up focusing on details so much that nothing gets finished. lol. Hope it still looks alright!

Anyone that wants to add on should! If you do link me it here in the comments and I'll add it in the description!

People that did this with me! 

:iconrininiri:… & :iconfeonyxfyre:… & :iconkrypson:… & :iconkelskora:… & :iconschattensterndrache: ( I guess you can only use thumbnails in artists descriptions if you have a premium haha oops sorry)
HEY! I know I ask every year but I ain't stopping. XD lol. Is anyone here going? If so I'd be down to meet up with whoever!

Also thinking of going to another rave in the Bay Area of Cali called "Beyond Wonderland"! Info on it here--->

ITS AN OUTDOOR RAVE WITH MULTIPLE STAGES AND CARNIVAL RIDES AND SHIT AND UGH. ALSO ITS ALICE IN WONDERLAND THEMED. :"D I haven't bought my tickets yet because currently I am forming a group of my friends and we are looking at how we can make it happen before we buy our tickets. :P Here's the trailer for it! 

And here's another really wonderfully edited video from the crowd's perspective! 

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Just finding a lot of people on IG using people's personal characters they found here to role-play and just generally posting art with no credit given including mine. (there was another unrelated user on another site using my characters too so I guess this is just a general announcement) 

Friendly reminder that if anyone on here is using my characters WITHOUT MY PERMISSION especially using them for role play purposes I AM NOT OK WITH IT. Especially if you do not correctly credit back to one of my accounts. Jeez.

Also friendly reminder that if you are re-posting ANY ARTISTS art ANYWHERE that it is common etiquette to CREDIT THE ARTIST.  If you already knew/practice that etiquette that u are an angel here have a cookie. :cookie:
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Going to Cozumel, Mexico for a week! (Scuba Diving trip)  I will check back in and hopefully tell ya'll about my trip when I get back!

See ya! *crosses fingers for safe travel*
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United States
Hey, welcome to my profile! :D My name is Alex. Please feel free to cruse around my gallery! All faves and comments are highly appreciated (though be warned I am a hella slow at replying lately lol oops)

Things I am hella obsessed with lately and totally down to talk about pretty much anytime
- Supernatural
- Attack on Titan (not as obsessed with this one but am all caught up!)
- P much always gunna love Spyro

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